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We dedicate ourselves to helping others achieve.

李承闱 2021年度入编第五届“中华易经金罗盘奖”世界华人“金牌风水师”

Li Chengwei: 2021 5th

“China Yijing Golden Compass Award” World Chinese “Golden Fengshui Master”

Bringing Chinese Studies To The World

With mora than 10+ years, Edoo413 have been dedicated in research and development of Digital Energetics System, bringing you traditional solutions that has withstood countless of tests through the years. We strive to introduce to the world excellent Culture and how it can help create a harmonious, abundant, blissful and better society.

One that encompasses the world, regardless of race, religions, age, gender, social status and individual needs.

A list of services that Edoo covers:

Number Analysis

  • Fortune Forecast
  • Partnership Forecast
  • Baby Naming
  • Company Naming
  • Office Feng Shui

Auspicious Dates

  • Business Opening Date
  • Crossover Spirit
  • IC Number Negation
  • Career Selection Consulting
  • Home Feng Shui

Feng Shui

  • Negate Tai Shui
  • Bazi Marriage
  • Ziwei Fortune Telling
  • Bazi Fortune Telling
  • Various Forecast
Mission & Vision

In every step that we take, we will continue to give our best to fulfill our mission and vision.

To spread Chinese culture.
To improve the lives of people.
To promote World Harmony.
To upgrade Spiritual Well-Being in everyone.

Bring excellent Chinese culture to the world. Let the world understand such culture to create a harmonious, abundant, blissful and better society.

At Edoo 413, we strive to bring you scientifically proven, professional and practical solutions.

Team of Experienced Teachers

Working hand in hand with our Masters, Edoo is always prepared to provide professional and practical solutions, tailored to suit your needs.

  • Master Hu Yiming
  • Yinyang International Building Fengshui Research Institute President
  • Foguang University Fengshui Founder
  • Fortune Telling Lecturer
  • Beijing University Yijing Society Consultant
  • China’s Wushu Fengshui Society Consultant
  • Interviewed by CCTV 7 times

Master Hu Yiming is an renowned expert in the field of Fengshui and fortune telling, and the most accurate Taiwan’s Bazi Master. He is the first person to make Fengshui completely scientific and explain every phenomena with physics. He broke the long-held superstitious tradition of Fengshui. His method is simple, direct, detailed, to the point and accurate, without unnecessary paths.

  • CEO Strategic Alliance Pte Ltd
  • Edoo 413 Pte Ltd Director
  • Yinyang Digital Energetics Founder
  • 2017/2018 Asia Top Business Brand Award
  • 2020 China’s Top Persons in Trade Commemorative Stamp
  • Zhou Yi Experts Honorary Recognition
  • Fetured in 2020 “Rising Power” book of 100 Outstanding
  • Overseas Chinese that influences China’s Development.
  • Learn from Master Hu Yiming, Taiwan. (Master Hu appeared on China’s CCTV 7 times)
  • Founder & CEO of Asia Coaching Training (est 2001)
  • Trainer at Edoo Institute of Chinese Studies
  • MBA from UK, Chartered Accountant (Singapore)
  • Since 1996, trained over 13, 495 people in 16 countries. Topics include WeChat, Sun Zi Art of War, 36 Stratagems, Finance, Management etc.
  • Master Tan
Known as the Name Science Expert.

Master Tan chanced upon a high master and learned about Name Science at the age of 8. Over 70 years of research into names and has helped several thousand people change their names.

“There are no bad lives, only bad names.”

Enrich your lifestyle with our tips and knowledge:

Various topics of number analysis, forecast, Feng Shui and many more waiting for your discovery

Our Services

With decades of experience, Edoo is a brand you can trust and depend on.

Our wide array of services are meticulously tailored to suit each of our customer needs. We strongly believe in delivering a superior customer experience with paramount expertise and accuracy.

Our full catalogue of services ranges from numerology consultation to naming and date services, and even Feng Shui reading in your home and office.

What Clients Says

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients. And we’ve formed more than just working relationships with them; we have formed true friendships. Here’s what they’re saying about us.

Ms. Teo

I have been busy since changing my mobile number.
Since the change of mobile number, I received unexpected sales amidst this challenging time. Happy that I have met my company’s half-year sales target!

Ms. Lai

After changing my mobile number, I feel that I have become more confident in my own opinion. In the past, I used to take others’ views as my own. Now I am more assertive and don’t just follow the crowd. I think I have developed my left brain more.

Ms. Chua

Overall, it has been a good journey since I changed my number in Dec 2019. Met many nice people, they made my life easier and happier My relationships with my family members are much better now.

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