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Promoting China’s Excellent Traditional Culture

Since Fuxi’s invention of Xiantian gossip, King Wen of Zhou adapted and invented Houtian gossip, Confucius added six lines and attached lines, and collectively created the Book of Changes, which has a history of 7,000 years. As the head of the group of classics, the Book of Changes is as famous as the “Bible”, “Buddhist Scriptures” and “Vedas”. It can be called the oldest classic of Chinese culture. It has been used by successive emperors to guide operations, management, and decision-making, and has been handed down to this day. Yidu Academy of Chinese Studies is committed to spreading excellent Chinese culture such as the Book of Changes and Feng Shui to the world, so that the world can understand Chinese culture and let Chinese culture influence the world. Work together to create a harmonious, prosperous, happy and fulfilling society.

Change Your Life

At Edoo 413, we strive to bring you scientifically proven, professional and practical Feng Shui solutions that have been passed down for more than 6,000 years ago.

Mission & Vision

In every step that we take, we will continue to give our best to fulfill our mission and vision.

To spread Chinese culture.
To improve the lives of people.
To promote World Harmony.
To upgrade Spiritual Well-Being in everyone.

Bring excellent Chinese culture to the world. Let the world understand such culture to create a harmonious, abundant, blissful and better society.

Bringing Chinese Studies To The World

With mora than 10+ years, Edoo413 have been dedicated in research and development of Digital Energetics System, bringing you traditional solutions that has withstood countless of tests through the years. We strive to introduce to the world excellent Culture and how it can help create a harmonious, abundant, blissful and better society.

One that encompasses the world, regardless of race, religions, age, gender, social status and individual needs.

What if, you can redefine your life and refine it to the best

The moment you come into contact with Edoo413, you will have the opportunity to choose,control and improve your life.
Contact Edoo413 now, you will have the opportunity to choose,control and improve your life.

Our Story

Promoting China’s Excellent Traditional Culture

Yijing (also known as I-Ching, meaning The Book of Changes) is widely regarded as a treasure of Chinese culture. Yijing is also known as “Zhou Yi”. It is the root of Chinese culture.

The concept of harmony in Yijing has made it an extremely precious treasure for the thinking of the Oriental people. Harmony is the spirit of humanity, it is the spirit of life. “Harmony” is the long-standing humanistic spirit of Chinese culture. Zhouyi advocates harmony in the natural world. Harmony is not just harmony among living things, it is primarily the harmony between man and nature.

Yijing is the root of Chinese culture and an important symbol of China’s entry into a civilized society more than 5,000 years ago. It is not only the earliest written classics, but also has an important influence on China’s Taoism, Confucianism, Chinese medicine, writing, mathematics, philosophy, and folk culture.

The culture of Yijing is broad and profound, and it is all-encompassing. It can be said to be an encyclopedia of life. In ancient times, it was only studied and used by royal nobles. Today we can access and apply this wisdom easily in our daily lives, be it in business, family marriage, they are all closely related to Yijing.

A New Trending and Innovative Service Industry

A list of Services that Edoo covers:

Number Analysis

Fortune Forecast
Partnership Forecast
Baby Naming
Company Naming
Auspicious Car Number Plate
Office Feng Shui

Auspicious Marriage Date

Business Opening Date
Crossover Spirit
IC Number Negation
Career Selection Consulting
Auspicious Accessories Consulting
Home Feng Shui

Choose of Birth Date

Negate Tai Shui
Bazi Marriage
Ziwei Fortune Telling
Bazi Fortune Telling
Prosperous Fortune Symbol
Various Forecast​


Ms Li Chengwei

CEO Strategic Alliance Pte Ltd

Edoo 413 Pte Ltd Director

Yinyang Digital Energetics Founder

2017/2018 Asia Top Business Brand Award

2020 China’s Top Persons in Trade Commemorative Stamp

Zhou Yi Experts Honorary Recognition

Fetured in 2020 “Rising Power” book of 100 Outstanding Overseas Chinese that influences China’s Development.

Learn from Master Hu Yiming, Taiwan. (Master Hu appeared on China’s CCTV 7 times)

Our Key Services

BAZI Consultation

A person is born with a Bazi, and the Bazi is the innate information of a person’s birth. According to statistics, the Bazi has extremely high accuracy. Learn from Mr Hu Yi Ming, who has interviewed by CCTV interviews 7 times, the No.1 Bazi Master in Taiwan, so Master Li Chengwei’s Bazi reading has 95% accuracy.

Lucky Number Services

Combining human Bazi and Yinyang digital energetics, Master Li ChengWei tailors lucky mobile phone numbers, license plate numbers, house numbers, solution IC lucky numbers, company UEN registration numbers, bank accounts, lucky mailboxes, WeChat IDs, SingPass numbers, etc. The lucky number combined with the horoscope is several times more accurate than the combination of the IC number on the market to change the mobile phone number. Because the Bazi is innate, the Bazi itself has 95% accuracy. However, the frequency of IC use is low, and the accuracy naturally cannot be compared with matching numbers by combining Bazi.

Feng Shui Serivce

Yin-Yang Fengshui combines form method and qi regulation, and integrates the strengths of Xuankong Flying Star, Sanyuan Fengshui, Eight Houses Fengshui, Auxiliary Star Water Method, Obscuring Eyes Method, One Eye Break, Crossing Yin and Yang, Jingyin and Jingyang, and Xunlong acupuncture points. Integrating with Feng Shui, it can measure Feng Shui for you in an all-round way. Compared with many single methods on the market, the accuracy of Feng Shui is several times higher. Therefore, Master Li Chengwei was rated as the world’s gold medal Fengshui master, and was invited to be interviewed by CCTV in 2022.

Team of Experienced Teachers

We believe in demonstrating and providing our clients with upmost professional services. All of our proposed solutions are individualized after completing a thorough analysis of their needs.

Ms Li Chengwei

NTU MBA & SJTU Holder. Founder of Yinyang Digital Energetics, Director of Edoo413 Pte Ltd and CEO…

Andy Ng

General Manager at Edoo 413. Founder & CEO of Asia Coaching Training, MBA from UK, Chartered Accountant…

Master Hu Yiming

Yinyang Internation Building Fengshui Research Institute President and Foguang University Fengshui Founder

Master Tan

Name Science Expert; Learning Name Science since 8 years old. Have over 70 years of research into…

International Media

We have been featured on various forms of print media and the following platforms are just a collection of the recent appearances.

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