Clients’ Experiences

We believe that the strongest proof we can present of us delivering on our service promises, is that real customers are willing to share positive words with others..

Social Proof

Below is a selection of short testimonials. They are all recent clients sharing their own experiences in working with the team at Edoo.

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黄袖堤 (Huang Xiudi, Taiwan Property Agent)
“Within one week of changing my number with Teacher Li, I closed two deals and earned tens of thousands of dollars!”

黄展宏 (Huang ZhanHong, Taiwan DongSen Group)


“Within one month of changing my number, I made NTD 1 Million!”

Gordan (Singapore Property Agent) 


“Before I changed my number, I had depression. After changing my number for 3 months, I felt a lot more cheerful. I also made close to S$100K in 3 months.”

William (Singapore Training Director) 

Serene Pang (Singapore Property Agent)


“On the next day of number change, I used the method taught in the class and sold a property that was unsold for 4 months!”